Can the guest to manage bookings?

STAAH MAX - Can the guest to manage bookings?

This feature is applicable for STAAH MAX Booking Engine.

‘Manage Booking’ feature allows a guests to manage/cancel booking independently via booking engine. Currently modification is not supported.

There is also an option for guest to create an account with the property. It is useful for regular returning guests or guests who travels regularly using the same hotel chain using STAAH Max Booking Engine.

What Does It Do?

Cancel Booking: Guest can cancel a booking without creating an account:
  1. Click on Manage Booking
  2. In the Cancel Booking section, enter email address and booking number
  3. Click on Cancel Booking button

Create an Account: Guest can create an account for themselves. They can only do this if they have made at least one booking using their email address.
  1. Enter email address used for making booking
  2. Click on ‘Create Password’ button
  3. They will be asked to confirm email address and request password
  4. A link will be sent to email address to set new password
In account, guest can view their profile and record of bookings. You can also cancel a booking.
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