Can the guest to manage bookings?

STAAH MAX - Can the guest manage bookings?

A feature available to Max Booking Engine and SwiftBook Booking Engine subscribers.

A tool that allows a guest to cancel bookings directly from the Booking engine. This means the booker can do this independently, and no longer reliant on the property. 

Where can bookers find this option on the Booking Engine?

Max Booking Engine – select the guest icon

SwiftBook – select the menu icon from the header > Manage Bookings

On click the user is diverted to page where they can ‘Login’ to view and cancel their existing bookings OR ‘Cancel’ booking.

Cancel Booking: Guest can enter booking details to cancel booking. An email is sent to the guests email with instructions on how to cancel booking.

Sign in: Guests can create an account, which enables them to view and cancel bookings associated with their email address.