STAAH MAX - WatchMyRate (WMR) - Promote Direct Bookings

STAAH MAX - WatchMyRate (WMR) - Promote Direct Bookings

WatchMyRate (WMR) is an add-on product that can be used in conjunction with MAX Booking Engine.

This product can be offered to STAAH properties subscribing to MAX Booking. It is a tool to help property drive more direct bookings via their own website/ booking engine. The widget displays the lowest available rate searched, properties have the option to offer either a discount or value add if customer book directly using WMR.

How do I subscribe to WMR?

Please click here.

How do I setup WMR?

Once enabled, you will be able to view the product on the STAAH extranet under Booking Engine.

Please accept the Disclaimer and proceed to setup your widget.

  1. Select the Channels you want to Display (if applicable – not mandatory)
  2. Setup the Discount to apply to the Widget (if required)
  3. Setup the Value Add-ons to apply to the Widget (if Required)
  4. Hit SUBMIT
  5. Select and embed the Widget Script (top right corner)

Additional Information:
  1. You may customize your BUTTON label on the widget, if you want.
  2. The WMR Widget is auto populated on MAX Booking Engine.
  3. All Bookings through the widget may be tracked in INSIGHTS & the BOOKING tab under the Corporate Code ‘WMR’
  4. The Property must embed the WMR Widget onto their website page, for the tool to be most accessible to bookers.
  5. Properties have the option to hide WMR when a Promo Code is applied.

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