STAAH MAX – Covid-19 Requirements

STAAH MAX – Covid-19 Requirements

Feature available to allow the property to set up and display Covid-19 requirements on the booking engine page.

  1. Login to MAX extranet
  2. Setup 
  3. Profile > Covid-19 requirements

1. Enable flag to request Covid-19 requirements. By default, flag is off. 
2. Property can change messages based on their requirements. Placeholder in each field as an example.

i. Covid—19 Label display on Booking engine: this is the message/label displayed on the booking engine, located above button where guests proceed to confirm the booking

ii. Message for Vaccinated Guest: Where guest selects YES, a pop up box will display message entered in this field
iii. Message for Non-Vaccinated guest: When guests selects NO, a pop up box will display message entered in this field

How will this display on the Booking engine?

Message for Vaccinated guest

Message for Non-Vaccinated guest

Additional Information:

  1. When property has enabled, it is mandatory for customer to select option to proceed with booking.
  2. If YES is selected, then they can proceed to confirm booking.
  3. If NO is selected, then the confirm booking/payment button is locked.
  4. We do not include any message in booking to indicate customer has selected YES because they cannot proceed with booking if no selected.
  5. Strongly recommend property to also add conditions in:
  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Package description

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