How to Create Additional Users on STAAH Max?

STAAH MAX V2 - How to Create Additional Users on STAAH Max?

What is an Additional User?
The Additional User feature allows you to create an additional user, which allows them to access your property on STAAH MAX. You have the ability to assign different permissions for the additional users.

How do I create an Additional User?
Login > setup > permission> user permission>click on the add symbol>add user.

In User Details, fill in the first and last name and email of the new user. Enter a password, including a capital, numeric and non-numeric character. (Example password: JaneDoe123*). Retype to confirm password. Ensure that both are matching. 

Select Permissions that you would like to give to your new user. Use tabs to select your new user’s permissions for Availability and Rates, Booking Engine, Setup and Insights. For these sections, you can allow a user to only view, add, edit or delete.

Once you have selected the applicable permissions, hit save to save your changes.

If you have any further questions, contact your local STAAH support team.