How to add Security deposit?

STAAH MAX - New Feature - How to add Security deposit?

A feature for VR properties, allowing you to apply security deposit charges. Security deposit is easy to use and gives you the flexibility to choose the room type(s) to apply to.

Where is this feature?

1. Login to MAX extranet > Setup > select ‘Room type’.
2. Select edit to apply to existing room > scroll down to Security deposit
  1. Percentage or fixed amount supported.
  2. Enter amount.
3. Option to add message about the security deposit.

Booking Engine display

  1. Security deposit amount indicated once the booker has selected room/package.
  2. Security deposit notes are visible on the booking engine, click (i) icon to view.

Additional information

  1. VR properties only
  2. Amount calculated once you the booker has selected the package/property.
  3. Security deposit indicated in Advanced booking search, Stayview and booking confirmation email.
  4. Security deposit applies to bookings made via MAX Booking engine and CRS. 
  5. Security deposit applicable to parent and linked rooms.