STAAH MAX - Secure Payments

STAAH MAX - Secure Payments

This feature allows a property to collect payment securely. It is not limited to bookings; you can collect for payment for any services provided. 
Feature is available to all properties subscribed to MAX with Payment gateway integration

What is new?

All payment information is added within the extranet by the property
The payment link is automatically emailed to the payer
All payment details are pre-populated on the link sent to payer


Login to MAX extranet
Setup > Reservations > Secure payments

Simply select Payment form link and follow prompts
  1. Reference: The reference number allocated to the payment.
  2. Purpose of Payment: Enter reason for payment
  3. Payers’ info: Name and email
  4. Currency: select currency from drop down box.
  5. Amount: Payment amount
  6. Payment message (optional): enter message regarding payment. Message is included in payment request email.
  7. On submit an email is generated to the payer.

Additional feature – option to generate payment link and send to payer.
  1. Property can send payment link to payer
  2. Payer will complete payment form and complete payment
  3. Flexible, no time restrictions to make payment

An example of using this feature, adding a link on your website to make payment. To obtain link:
  1. Click ‘Online Payment link’
  2. Select applicable currency
  3. Diverted to payment link – this is a unique link for your property

What else can I see within Secure payments module

  1. Summary of all transactions made via Secure payments feature
  2. Briefly, see information regarding payment (date, amount, status, Payment Gateway) 
  3. Use access key to view payers contact information. Click ‘View Payment details’ > enter access key, information displayed in a pop up.
  4. Ability to resend email for pending payments.
  5. Alternatively, copy the payment link and send directly to the payer

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