What is Seasonal Rack Rate in Booking Engine?

STAAH MAX - What is Seasonal Rack Rate in Booking Engine?

Properties now have the ability to apply a Rack rate (full rate) on a daily/seasonal basis for the STAAH MAX Booking Engine.

What Is a Seasonal Rack Rate?

Seasonal Rack is the ability to apply a Rack Rate that will display the Standard rate for that particular package/room type on the STAAH MAX Booking Engine.

This will be displayed on the Booking Engine as a strikeout rate, which indicates to the booker that the rate they will be charged is a discounted rate for all available packages.

How Can I Apply/Update My Seasonal Rack Rate?

Seasonal Rack Rate is applied at a Room level and can be updated/managed via the Rates Tab module, alternatively to update for multiple rooms/dates you can use the Bulk Update Module.

Rates Module Update

Login to STAAH MAX > Select the Control Option drop down box >Select Seasonal Rack

Once you have selected, you will see the Seasonal Rack option, which you can then apply the required Seasonal Rack based on Room Type/date. Ensure once you have loaded Seasonal Rack you select the “Update” button.

Bulk Update Module

Login to STAAH MAX > Availability and Rates > Bulk Update

Select Seasonal Rack>Enter dates and Room Types as required>Next.

Once you have entered rates > Submit to apply updated Seasonal Rack.

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