What is Promo Codes and how it works?

STAAH MAX Booking Engine - What is Promo Codes and how it works?

Promo codes enable you to provide a code to a booker, giving them access a special offer or rate.

Looking for how to add promo codes on STAAH MAX?

  1.        Login to extranet > Setup > Promo code.

  1. Go to Add.
  2. Add Promo Code.

  1. Login to extranet > Setup > Promo code.
  2. Click on ‘Add’ to create a promo code
  3. Follow prompts and add information

o   Promo Name

o   Discount label (optional): Set label to display on booking engine when promo code added.

o   Promo code – this is what the booker will enter on the Booking engine.

o   Discount amount/type (if applicable)

o   Validity (optional) – dates discount is available.

o   Custom days: ability apply promotion to custom days of the week, default is All days.

o   Counter (optional) – limit the number of bookings made using promo code

o   Payment (optional) – you can choose to collect credit card or invoice at the time of booking. Credit card is the preferred method. Default is based on the package setup. Promo code card collection will take precedence over package setup > Save.

Other information:

Edit: allows you to make changes to existing promo code.
Delete: option to delete promo code, this will remove from group and individual property.
Select Packages: select packages to apply to promo code.
Counter: Allows you to view counter setup, and bookings received 
Discount is based on package rate at the time of booking
Promo code with fixed rate; recommend creating a new package and applying fixed rate in package surcharge (i.e Wedding, where there is an agreed fixed rate).
Option to generate a link with promo code applied. This will open Booking engine with rates/packages linked to promo code – please contact your designated partner services team for assistance. Fixed and Non-fixed supported
o Fixed –booking engine link includes promo code, however not visible to booker – so non-editable/fixed. Obtain Booking engine link via extranet > promo code module > fixed promo code URL.

o Non Fixed – booking engine link includes promo code. Promo code field visible on Booking engine, booker can remove promo code. Obtain URL from Booking engine widget module (Setup > Booking Engine > Booking Engine Widget)

Note: must create promo code first, before generating URL

Setup > Booking Engine > Booking engine widget (must create promo code first)
Follow prompts 
      o Choose view – Package or Room
      o Select package or room to include in widget, otherwise ‘Select All’
      o Enter script name – this will help you identify script once setup is complete (on Booking engine widget page)
      o Select Promo code from drop down menu
      o Save

Obtain widget or URL click ‘Booking engine script icon’.

Option to create promo code at group level. Login to group listing Setup > promo
The same process to setup

Icon to indicate group level promo code.

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