How to manage Airbnb Basic Discounts?

STAAH MAX - How to manage your Airbnb Basic Discounts?

Enhancement Airbnb Basic Discounts

Basic discounts are applied on the listing level, and they are not only set for a specific date range (as opposed to seasonal discounts).


Airbnb offers the following types of basic discounts: Early Bird, Last Minute, Length Of Stay, Non-Refundable, Weekly and Monthly.


Weekly and Monthly discount option is already available and supported. We have now also implemented to support Early Bird, Last Minute, Length of Stay and Non-Refundable discount via integration.



Where is the Basic Discount Feature found in channel manager extranet?

Ø  Airbnb wizard > Room & Rate Info tab

Various discount types:

Ø  Click on tool tip for explanation

Ø  Scroll to view all

How to setup a discount?

Ø  Click on drop down box and select discount type

Ø  Depending on the discount type, apply discount setting requirements (Days/ Weeks/ Months). The date range drop down box will display on selecting discount type. The days/ weeks/ months are set and pre-determined by Airbnb.

Ø  Next > set discount %

Ø  You can add multiple discount type

Ø  Click on ‘+’ to add

IMPORTANT: Ensure you save changes. You must click through to the end of the wizard (‘Next’ button found at the bottom right corner) which will take you to the ‘FINISH’ page. Wait for confirmation.

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