What is Drip Feed Availability and how does it Function

STAAH MAX - What is Drip Feed Availability and how does it Function?

Drip Feed Availability feature allows you to set a restriction of maximum rooms available for the OTA(s), for a specific room type or date range.

Currently all rooms in STAAH MAX, are pushed out to the respective OTAs (10 rooms in STAAH – 10 rooms are sent to OTAs – meaning all 10 rooms are bookable).

  1. If you are pushing out the Studio Room, which has 10 rooms in total;
  2. and for December (full month) you want a maximum of 5 rooms to be available
  3. You are now able to use Drip Feed to manage the maximum number of rooms available to OTA(s) for each room type.
You can apply Drip Feed at a channel level, room level or via Bulk Update. Watch our video to learn how to change your Drip Feed via Bulk Update or via Channel.

Change Drip Feed at the Room / Channel Level

  1. Go to Availability and Rates > Control Options > Select Drip Feed
  1. When a Drip Feed is not yet set, this is displayed as ‘OFF’, which shows that no Drip Feed is applied.
  2. To apply Drip Feed, select the dropdown box for the applicable room, then select the required Drip Feed Number.
  • Alternatively, select Closed. Which will closed out inventory for applicable room type/channel – inventory of 0 is pushed out      
  1. Hit UPDATE.
To activate this feature Enable via Setup > General permission setup

If you do not have access to this module, please contact your local partner services team

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