Whats new in the Booking Engine Display?

STAAH MAX - Whats new in the Booking Engine Display?

We have made a few design changes to the Booking Engine. The concept is to have everything about the property visible to the booker, once they are on the Booking Engine.

This ensures the booker has all the information they need to complete booking, without having to leave the Booking engine. In return booker then books direct – faster!

The Booking Engine will now display:
  1. Property Description
  2. Property Images
  3. Facilities
Additional to this we have enhanced the Room Images display, and providing the booker to select if they want to view by Rooms or Packages.

Property Details Display:

This is a combination of Property description, property images and property facilities, which is displayed below Packages/Room Types (booking grid).

Property Description: This is the Property description, providing the booker with an overview. Property description can be updated via Website display. Setup>Profile>Website display>Property details.

Property Image: When property image is selected, the image is expanded. Booker has the option to scroll through the images loaded. Images loaded must be within the recommended size. This makes the image more user friendly for the booker, and giving them a visual outlook of the room. Property images can be update via Property Images. Setup>Profile>Property Images.

Property Facilities: Booker can select the “Property Facilities” button. This will display all facilities selected for this property. Property facilities can be updated via Property Facilities. Setup>Profile>Property Facilities.

Read More: Once selected, this will display Property description and Property images. Booker has the option to scroll through images, and see full property description.

Room Images: Booker has the option to click the Room Image. Once selected the image is expanded – making it easier for the booker to see images for that Room Type. Booker can then scroll through images loaded.

Booking Engine View option: We have also added the option for the booker to select the view, View by Packages or View by Rooms.

View by Packages: This view will display available packages for selected dates.

The booker can then select View Room Types, to display available Rooms for the selected package.
  1. “Book Now” will enable the booker to proceed with reservation.
  2. “Hide Room Types” will compact view

View by Rooms: This view will display available/bookable rooms for selected dates. To view by Rooms, select “View by Rooms”.

Once “View Rooms” is selected, booker will see Available Rooms for searched dates. “View packages”, will display available packages for selected Room Type.

Booker can then select “Book Now” for the required Room Type/Package to proceed with reservation. “Hide Packages” will compact package display for selected Room Type.

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