How to disable childon the STAAH Booking Engine?

STAAH Max -How to disable child on the STAAH Direct Bookings?

A feature that allows properties to hide the option of selecting children for direct bookings. Whether your property is specific to adults, or you sell based on number of guests – this is for you.


  1. Adult only accommodation
  2. Ability to sell to guests, rather than adult/child
  3. Less info for booker to enter in search


  1. Login to MAX extranet
  2. Setup
  3. Booking engine > BE permission /setup
  4. Scroll down to ‘Disable children’ permission
  5. Enable toggle to disable children. Applies when adult/child search is enabled. View BE permission to see if enabled (setup > booking engine > be permission > ‘adult and child search option in calendar widget)

Once permission is enabled, children option is removed from the following areas:

  1. Website Widget – search by number of guests, rather than adult/child

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  1. Booking engine widget – search by number of guests, rather than adult/child

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  1. Booking engine addons selection  enter number of guests, applies to addons that are sold per guest

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  1. CRS create booking select guests, rather than adult/child. By default 1 guest is selected

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Additional information:

  1. Guests selected will are considered as adults when displaying booking in extranet. 
  2. Booking delivery to PMS – number of guests are passed as adults. This will ensure PMS will continue to receive bookings
  3. Confirmation email will display guests, rather than adult/child
  4. No impact to existing bookings that have children booked.
  5. Number of guests is based on adult setup in room type module. We recommend before enabling feature properties review room type setup and adjust adult setup to match rooms full occupancy.

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