What is Expedia Property Status and Compliance?

STAAH Max - What is Expedia Property Status and Compliance?

Expedia has introduced 2 new APIs – Property Status and Compliance. Both with their own functionalities that in turn help properties manage their Expedia listings

Property status – provides insights about your propertys status on Expedia, content requirements and Expedia customer site listing
Compliance – allows propertys to view room/unit registration status and manage registration information


Login to MAX extranet
Channels > mapping
Select ‘Expedia’ from drop down

a. Property status – click to view pop-up.
View content/property listing requirements
View status
Identify if/what requirements are met. To fix, manage changes via Expedia content

b. Compliance – click to view pop-up
View license/registration requirements
Propertys will be required to enter details, to display registration information
o Property category
o Registration type – hotel license or registration number
o License/registration number
o License/registration expiry date

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