Whats New - Watch My Rate WMR Enhancement

Whats New - Watch My Rate WMR Enhancement

We have enhanced the WatchMyRate feature available in Instant. You will find a change of flow, design but most importantly, additional features to manage your WMR widget.

What is new?
Option to customize WMR widget colour (booking engine display)
Option to customize WMR widget font colour (booking engine display)
Option to choose booking widget or comparison widget

What is the difference between WMR booking widget and WMR comparison widget?
Currently all users subscribed to WMR feature by default will have the WMR booking widget. Users have the flexibility of choosing between the booking widget and comparison widget.

WMR Booking widget: A pop-up widget that appears on the booking engine. Booker will see a comparison between Booking engine WMR discount and selected OTAs. 

WMR widget is a pop-up on top right-hand corner of the booking engine
The booker can then select the Book Now button from the widget.
Book WMR discounted rate via widget

WMR Comparison widget: A widget tool that appears on the booking engine. Booker will see a comparison between Booking engine and selected OTAs. 

The comparison tool displays the lowest available rate
Displayed on the bottom left-hand side of the booking engine.
Tool visible, no need to close to view and scroll through the booking engine
Enter WMR promo code in promo field to receive discount

Where do I see the new WMR features?

Login to Instant extranet
Convert direct > WatchMyRate

a. WMR widget type: Select WMR Tool, choose between booking widget and comparison widget
b. WMR widget color:
i. Select WMR colour
ii. Select WMR font colour: 

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