How to add a Text Box Option in Booking Engine?

STAAH MAX Booking Engine - How to add a Text Box Option in Booking Engine?

Properties have the ability to obtain additional information from bookers via STAAH MAX Booking Engine. The “Text Box” feature enables property to ask for information pertaining to the guest (example: Airline, Airline Flight Number).

This information is not mandatory, so bookers can choose if they want to enter if needed.

How do I setup?

  1. Login to STAAH MAX>Setup>Profile>Website display. Scroll down to Add Text For BE:
  2. Select the check box next to “Add Text for BE”.
  3. Enter the Label as required>Update.
  4. This will automatically appear on the Booking Engine.

Note: To setup multiple text boxes on Booking engine, create each text box label separated with a comma (example in above screenshot).

Booking Engine Display:

This field will be visible, after the booker has selected “Book Now”. The booker can then enter requested details – as required.

Information will be available in Bookings module and email notification.

Booking Module Display:

Email Notification:

Info sent to PMS as additional comments.

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