STAAH MAX - Tax On Tax Feature

STAAH MAX - Tax On Tax Feature

What is Tax on Tax?


In UAE, there are 3 types of applicable taxes on room rate
  1. Municipality Tax @ 10%
  2. Service Charge @ 10%
  3. VAT @ 5%

VAT tax also applies to Service Charge. In this case there is tax on top of Service Charge tax (Tax on Tax). 

How to set up tax on tax? 

  1. Click on ‘Tax on Tax’
  2. Pop up box > Complete details

How to apply ‘tax on tax’ to an applicable tax?
  1. Create applicable tax(s) as per normal
  2. Enable ‘tax on tax surcharge’ where applies


1. Municipality Tax > 10%
2. Service Charge > 10% 
3. VAT > 5% 
4. VAT also applies on service charge value > enable ‘tax on tax’ flag for service charge


On booking engine

Guest details page:  Price breakdown and Tax info displayed

Payment details page:  Click ‘Price breakdown’ to view price breakdown and tax info. 
Hover over tax icon to view tax info

  1. If multiple rooms are booked, each room will have a tax breakdown


When making a booking via CRS, taxes indicated 

Booking details 

Advanced Booking search: Click total taxes to view tax info

Stay view: Click tax rate to view tax info


Additional info:
  1. Used in UAE market.
  2. Applies to MAX Booking engine, CRS and App bookings.
  3. To edit tax amount, remove existing tax on tax and setup.

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