Tax on Tax Feature

Tax on Tax Feature

This feature only applies on STAAH ConvertDirect Booking Engine for properties in the UAE market.

What is Tax on Tax?

In UAE, there are 3 types of applicable taxes on room rate:
  1. Municipality Tax @ 10%
  2. Service Charge @ 10%
  3. VAT @ 5%
VAT tax also applies to Service Charge. So in this case there is tax on top of Service Charge tax (Tax on Tax).

How to setup tax calculation?

Navigate to Setup > Tax / Surcharge
  1. Municipality Tax > This is like a normal tax setup, 10% on room rate
  2. Service Charge > 10% on room rate > because it is a taxable tax enable Tax on Tax flag
  3. VAT > 5% on room rate and Service Charge > As taxable surcharge, enable taxable surcharge flag

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