STAAH MAX Enhancement - Booking Engine Customisation

STAAH MAX Enhancement - Booking Engine Customisation

We have added the option to customize the MAX Booking engine, directly in your extranet. This gives you the flexibility to change colours when you need and want.

What is new?
  1. Ability to generate booking engine widget and URL from MAX extranet
  2. Ability to customise Booking engine colours from MAX extranet (buttons, header/footer)
  3. New streamline Header and Footer design (based on setup in extranet)
  4. Option to remove banner image
  5. Map and contact details included in Header menu
  6. New easy to read font implemented
  7. Option to customize the widget search button, default is Check Availability.
  8. Option to include adult/child search in widget (enable via BE permission tab).
  9. Option to display logo on Booking engine
  10. New design sign in button icon

  1. Login to MAX extranet
  2. Setup > Booking Engine > Booking engine widget

Booking engine widget module From this module, you can view and edit your booking engine setup

1. Booking engine widget script: generate the booking engine widget for your website. Use this tab to provide the widget and booking engine to your website develop, once you have customised your Booking engine
2. Edit: Customise the setup of your booking engine
3. Preview: A preview of your widget and booking engine, allows you to view any changes you have made to customization.

Edit Customising the look of your booking engine. Once selected you will see a booking engine customization pop up

a. Search button: Applies to the ‘Search’ and ‘Check Availability’ widget buttons. Simply select colour
b. Book Now button: Select colour for the ‘Book Now’ button
c. Header/Footer: Select Header/Footer colour
d. Page: Select the page colour (area outside the booking engine grid)
e. Background image: Option to apply image as Booking engine background (instead of Page colour - D)
f. Container: Select the container colour (booking engine grid background)
g. View: Select view, by room or by package.
h. Fonts: Select font, default is Monserrat
i. Button label: Applies to widget, customise button name. Default is ‘Check Availability’ (special characters
        not supported).
j. Search: applies to booking engine widget
  1.  Dates – search by check-in and check-out date
  2.   14 days – search by check-in date, booking engine will display 14 days from selected check-in date.
k. Check-out days: Set default check-out days, from check-in date (example 5, widget will apply check-out date, 5 days from check-in date)
l.      Fixed Check-out: If stay is set as 5 days, the widget will automatically populate check out date based on the number of nights set. The check-out date cannot be changed. Applies to individual booking engine only
m. Banner:  Add or remove banner (new size 1920px * 300)
n.       Logo: Option to add property logo. Enable flag to display logo on booking engine header

Additional information:
  1. Feature available at Property level only - group customisation to coordinate with technical team directly
  2. FTE module and Booking engine widget modules are combined. 
  3. Existing customers have a custom built design and will not see option to customise. 

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