STAAH Instant - Pricing module feature

STAAH Instant - Pricing module feature

What is new?
  1. Room Based and Occupancy Based Pricing via integration
  2. Feature available in Instant and Max
  3. Process similar for both Instant and Max

What does Occupancy Based Pricing mean?

Occupancy Based Pricing allows you to maximize the occupation rate of your more spacious and most valuable rooms by offering a tailored price depending on the number of people staying in the room.

How to enable new connection via channel manager?
  1. Enable connection via extranet as per normal, content must be selected to manage pricing type form Channel Manager.
  1. By default, the pricing type is room based
  2. Inform local partner services team pricing type to enable
  3. Complete OBP mapping
  4. Via link in connection request email, select OBP pricing type and confirm the connection

Changing pricing type
Room Base to Occupancy Base Pricing
  1. Update mapping to support OBP - MANDATORY
  2. Enable OBP flag in channel password module
  3. OBP toggle/ radio button on mapping page enabled to indicate OBP pricing live/ type

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