STAAH MAX - Stay View

STAAH MAX - Stay View

We have made some changes to enhance Stay View Module

Stay View Main Page

On arriving at this module, you will see pop-up box for access key. You can ignore by clicking on X. Without entering access key, when you navigate to reservations page, all guest information will be MASKED.

  1. All bookings are listed
  2. Each booking creates a virtual room
  3. Linked rooms are displayed (if any)
  1. Default to ‘Manage Room’ page
  2. You only see inventory for master room types
  3. Ability to manage inventory, rates, restrictions (if not managed via PMS)
  4. Linked rooms are displayed separately to avoid clutter or confusion

View Bookings

  1. Bookings are displayed on main page
  2. Hover over for booking information
  3. Click on booking for option to Check In guest
  1. Navigate to Reservations by ticking ‘Reservations’ box
  2. All available bookings displayed for date range
  3. If you have not entered access key on Stay View main page, guest information will be masked
  4. To view full booking details, click on View Booking Details link
  5. Enter access key in pop-up box (Same access key for retrieving credit card details
  6. Hover over for quick booking information
  7. Click on booking to view/ manage
  8. First pop-up allows you to cancel booking
  9. For other functions, click on Manage
  10. You can Check in Guest or Cancel booking partially (If multiple rooms)

NEW – Manage Feature

  1. On the ‘Manage’ page, select dates by clicking on ‘from’ and ‘to’ date
  2. Select Manage
  3. If managing via PMS, fields will be locked and not editable
  4. Otherwise, you can manage by applying changes
  5. On Stay View main page, restrictions are indicated

Stop Sell Limit

  1. You can set Stop Sell Limit
  2. Example: If set at 2 for a room type, once inventory decreases to 2 for that room type, it will automatically apply stop sell
  3. When inventory is increased, stop sell is automatically removed
SSL = 3
Inventory = 3
If you try to book, you will receive an alert
On booking details page, SSL is indicated as negative (ie -3 for SSL at 3)

To make a Booking

  1. On main Stay View page, click on ‘from’ and ‘to’ date for the correct room type
  2. You can only make booking for a Master room type. Link room type is treated as a rate plan
  3. Select Book
  4. You can change room type selected (if required)
  5. Select rate plan
  6. Enter guest info
  7. Select payment type
  8. Create Booking
  9. Reservations view
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