What is the Package Counter Feature?

STAAH MAX - What is the Package Counter Feature?

A feature that allows a property to set a counter on packages sold. The counter will limit the number of bookings that can be made for set packages.

Example: Property creates a package ‘New Years Special’, which is available to the first 10 bookers. Counter set at 10, which will only allow 10 bookings for this package. Option to set based on room nights available.

How to create a package counter?
Individual property
Setup > Booking Engine > Select Counters

Group property
Select Counters

Click ‘Add’ > follow prompts/complete fields

Counter name: Enter counter name, this will help you identify the counter when applying to packages.
Counter value: Set the counter limit (number of bookings allowed)
Maximum counter per day: Set maximum counter per day. This determines the maximum counter allowed per day. If no limit, enter counter value. 
Counter Type: Choose from Bookings or Room Nights
Bookings – counter applies to number of bookings received. 
Room Nights – counter applies to number of room nights.

Now to link counter to your packages:

Booking engine > Packages > Validity tab
Select Counter from drop down box > save.

Listing page:

1. All counters visible on the listing page.
2. Search option to find specific counter.
3. View set up and bookings received for each counter.

4. Icon to indicate counters created at group level. Edit group counter via group listing.
5. Option to reset counter > Edit > Reset Counter

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