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STAAH MAX - Manage OTA Promotion - How to manage GEO Rates (Country Rates) for

This feature supports creating and managing country rates to offer via from STAAH MAX extranet.

Increase bookings by targeting guests from specific regions.

Global travel is on the rise, and more international guests also means more opportunities for your property - whether you want to tap into new markets, attract guests from specific countries, or grow your revenue by offering targeted discounts.  

Country rates are targeted discounts that you can offer to guests from your markets of choice. They can help you fill your available rooms and tide you over during low season, as peak travel times differ for each market. Plus, they can help you tap into completely new markets, too.

Please note that country rates are not available in certain countries due to legal or commercial restrictions (Determined by

Who can use this feature?

All STAAH MAX subscribers with connection to enabled 
No additional cost to enjoy this feature

Where is this feature found?

Login to MAX Extranet > Click on Settings cog icon > Click on ‘OTA Promotion’ under Channels module

Click on ‘Add Promotion’

Select Channel to apply Promotion: ‘’ and Promotion Type: ‘Geo Rate’.

Follow prompts and complete as required.

Promotion requirements:
1. Country: Select Country where promotion is applicable to.
2. Discount: Only % is supported.
3. Blackout dates: Select dates when this Promotion is not applicable. The promotion can't have more than 30 blackout dates. 
4. Property is permitted to create one Geo discount per country.
5. Only eligible countries for the specific property will display in Country drop down list.
6. Click on SAVE to create promotion

When promotion is successfully created and submitted to, success message is returned to confirm GEO Rates setup correctly, and it will appear as under on the OTA promotion page:

View > To see discount details
Edit > You are only allowed to change discount value and add or remove blackout dates. 
Delete > This action will delete the GEO discount

Logs: Tracking logs available. All changes are tracked.
Can be tracked via Reports > Activity Logs > Log Type: OTA Promotion

Where can I see ‘Country Rates’ in extranet?

Login to extranet > Rates & Availability > Country Rates

Click on ‘Action’ > Edit to see discount details

Click on ‘Select Dates’ to see blackout dates