How to View Credit Card Details with your Access Key?

STAAH MAX - How to View Credit Card Details with your Access Key?

To comply with GDPR requirements, all guest information has to be MASKED. To view full booking details, you need to enter access key to view. The access key is the same key that you use to retrieve credit card details.

  1. On arriving to Bookings module, you will see a pop-up box to enter access key.
  2. If you would like to proceed WITHOUT viewing full booking details, close ‘X’ pop up box. Bookings will be displayed with guest information MASKED.
  3. The ‘EXPORT’ button option is also not available for partial access (Without access key)
  4. At any point if you wish to view full booking details, you can click on ‘View Booking Details’ button.
  5. With access key, you will be able to view bookings as per normal and Export booking option available
  6. Once entered with access key, you no longer require access key to retrieve credit card details
  7. Access will stay active for 15 minutes in the same session ID. This means you can navigate between modules
  8. After 15 minutes of inactivity, access will automatically expire. Similarly, if you refresh page which means you will get a new session ID, access will automatically expire.

Other Information:

If you do not have your access key, you can reset independently via Setup > Change Access Key > Forgot access key > Follow prompts