STAAH MAX Enhancement - Opportunities - High Demand Date

STAAH MAX Enhancement - Opportunities - High Demand Date

We are happy to announce the Booking.Com High Demand Date ‘Opportunity’ is now available in MAX2.

What is High Demand Date opportunity and how is it useful?

This feature highlights upcoming popular stay dates (based on guests’ searches on’s platform), alongside your most popular rooms.  Properties are alerted when they no longer have inventory available on for popular dates.

Benefits for properties?


By ensuring visibility on dates that guests are most interested in, HDD opportunity will enable property to:

  1. Optimise inventory to ensure they capture upcoming demand
  2. Be present in the most relevant search results on
  3. Improve ranking on by getting more HDD bookings over time
  4. See rooms that are most popular.

What has STAAH done?

The integration will pull in HDD information for the next 30 days so property can view and action accordingly via channel manager. 

High demand dates are visible in MAX extranet calendar. HDD flag visible only if there are HDD date(s).

Red flag = HDD

Availability & Rates Module

Channel Rates Module

  1. HDD is highlighted in Availability & Rates module and Channel rates module calendar grid.
  2. Click flag to view room types that are in High demand for highlighted date.

  1. A call is made to pull HDD opportunity when the home landing page (where there is a calendar) is accessed
  2. Data is pulled once a day (Every 24 hours)
  3. The next time the page is accessed and if after 24 hours, we will make a call to retrieve latest information

Opportunities Module

MAX extranet > Reports > Opportunities

 If there are High Demand Date for the next 30days, opportunity will display. If Booking.Com provides HDD dates past this date range, this is visible in MAX extranet.


  1. Click on button, calendar pop up will appear displaying HDD date(s). HDD dates highlighted in red.
  2. Click on date, to divert to Availability & Rates module.
  3. Adjust data as required.

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