How to Allow Default Room View for Booking Engine?

STAAH MAX - How to Allow Default Room View for Booking Engine?

We have enabled properties with the ability to select if the Booking Engine will display by “Package” or “Rooms”. This additional feature gives you option/flexibility to change the default view to display by “Rooms”.

This feature is available for all properties who have subscribed to STAAH MAX Booking Engine.

How do I enable Room View?

  1. Login to MAX Extranet> Setup > Profile > Website Display
  2. Enable “Allow Default Room View”. This will display the default room view on Booking engine.
  3. Scroll down and select Update.

How will this display on the Booking Engine?

Once the booker is directed Booking Engine, Room View is displayed. This allows the property to see all rooms that are available for selected dates, and then proceed to check available packages.

Booker has the option to view by Packages if needed – by selecting the View Packages button.