STAAH Jargon – The Words We Use

STAAH Jargon – The Words We Use

INSTANT – This is the Brand Name of STAAH’s Channel Management Product

CONVERTDIRECT – This is the Brand Name of STAAH’s Booking Engine Product. It has 2 options for display, is responsive to all devices and is customizable to the property’s website. For further details on this subscribing to this product please go to or get in touch with one of our sales offices.

INSTANT SITE – This is the self-driven, multi-option Website Product that a property can manage through the STAAH Extranet Directly

RATESTALK – This is STAAH’s Competitive Rate Checker Product, that allows properties to keep track of Competitor Rates

INSIGHTS – Analytics and Reports on Bookings and Revenue generated through the Channel Manager and Booking Engine

BULK UPDATE – This functionality in the Channel Manager, makes it easy to load availability, rates or restrictions for several rate plans and several periods, to the channel manager, in 3 steps.

RATE PLANS – These are the ‘deals’ on which the Rooms are sold online. Every Room Type must have at least one Rate Plan, however it can have multiple Rate Plans. The setup of Rate Plans on STAAH, must match the setup of the Rate Plans on the channel to be compatible and be connected.

MAPPING – This refers to the action of connecting Rate Plans or Room Types between the Channel Manager and Channels OR the Channel Manager and the PMS

EXTRAS – These are Value Add ons that may be sold on your Booking Engine. For example: Breakfast, Wine, Flowers, Event Tickets, Upgrades, Transfers etc.

PROMO CODE – Promo Code OR Promotion Code may also be verbally referred to as Corporate Code. This is a Code that may be setup in the system to be linked to a specific discount OR a special deal, that needs to be Private and to Public for all bookers on the website.

TRAFFIC SCRIPTS – These are the scripts OR bits of code that may be embedded into the booking engine so that a property can track Hits and Conversions. Most often this is used in conjunction with goals setup on google analytics.

DISPLAY SETTINGS – This page allows you to define the customization and display of your STAAH Booking Engine page. You may alter colours and fields. It is recommended that properties do not, modify any settings on the page, unless specifically trained to do so, by our Partner services staff. All changes made using Display Setting will directly impact the live Booking Engine page.

CHANNELS – This is another term used to refer to OTAs (Online Travel agents). Some examples are, Expedia, Agoda, Ctrip, Bookit, Makemytrip etc.

PMS – This acronym stands for Property Management System. It is an application or software that a property uses to manages their Rooms at the property, as well as allied services offered in the room and at the property in general.

BOOKING ENGINE – This is an application placed on the property’s own website, that allows guest to book direct.

WMR – Acronym for Watch My Rate. This is an add-on product that can be used in conjunction with the STAAH Booking Engine. For further information on this product please refer to our website at

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