Self mapping

STAAH Instant Self Mapping - Information

STAAH Instant – Self Mapping

Self Mapping feature is available for all properties on STAAH Instant. 

This feature enables properties to Self map Rooms/Rate plans to Channel integrated with STAAH.

Who has access to Self Mapping?

Property subscribing to STAAH Instant Channel Manager.

Where is the Self Mapping feature found?

This feature is available via Instant Module > Self Mapping.

***IMPORTANT** Channels are visible once enabled. To enable please contact your designated Partner Services team.

What is next – after channel is enabled? 

  • Access Self Mapping Module.
  • All Channels enabled for your property are listed.
  • Select ‘View Setting’ to proceed with mapping. 
  • Once selected you will see all rooms available to map.
  • Rooms on the left – are your Room/Rate Plan created in STAAH.
  • Drop down box – is a list of Rooms/Rate Plans created on OTA extranet.
  • Select applicable OTA Room/Rate Plan > and select ‘Map’. 
  • Once mapped successfully a message is returned – and mapping is displayed. This process must be done for all deals that require mapping.  
  • Derived deals can be mapped using the  sign. Another row will appear – please enter details as required > Save

  • Once mapping is complete – please enable Channel via Self Mapping listing page.

**You are now ready to push updates to OTA**

  • Updates are pushed via Availability module > Select the icon 
  • A pop up is displayed – select applicable channel and Sync all deals mapped. This should be done for each room/rate plan mapped.
  • Please ensure you check and verify data in STAAH is reflected on OTA extranet. 

Additional Information:

  • First time connections will be done by our Partner Services team.
  • We recommend property use this module to map new Rooms/Rate plans created on OTA independently
  • Any changes to mapping – a resync must be done. This will ensure data is pushed out to OTA.
  • Self mapping not available for all channels. An alert is returned when ‘View setting’ selected for channels that are not supported.
  • On – will ensure updates are continuously pushed and bookings are received.
  • Off – updates are no longer pushed and bookings are not retrieved into channel manager. 

**Self Mapping > Expedia**


On Self Mapping Tab > Click on View Setting against Expedia

Click on the drop-down showing ‘Select Channel Room’. This shows the list of rooms/rate plans available on channel for mapping on STAAH.

Select and click on Map button > Click OK on the Pop up.

Click on plus sign to map derived rate plan if any. It will auto pick derived rate plans from extranet. Then Click save/delete button beside derived plan to save/delete the derived rate plan on STAAH.

Occupancy details, Currency and disable rate details can be entered here. Add multiplier if required. Click Save for any changes made to Rate plan

**Self Mapping > Goibibo**


On Self Mapping Tab > Click on View Setting against Goibibo

Click on the drop-down showing ‘Select Channel Room’. This shows the list of rooms/rate plans available on channel for mapping on STAAH.

Select and click on Map button > Click OK on the Pop up.



Room ID & Contract ID get auto populated based on Channel Room selected for mapping.

Extra Adult/child values to be entered as applicable.

Enter Person 1, 2, etc. values as per occupancy. Add multiplier if required.



**Self Mapping > Agoda**


On Self Mapping Tab > Click on View Setting against Agoda


Select the correct room and rateplan from the Channel room dropdown



Add occupancy details and click Map.

If Extra bed is not present on the extranet, Extras will show as none.


If Extra Bed is setup on the extranet, it will ask for details.



Fill in the occupancy details, extra adult and child rate and hit Map.



**Self Mapping >**


First/ Initial connection (when no mapping available at all in Instant) –


•             Dynamic Mapping link visible

•             Connect/ Map using dynamic mapping feature (no change to current)

•             Self Mapping available at this point

•             If you click on ‘Setup’, it will auto divert to the dynamic mapping page

•             Follow the standard connection process

•             Push sync when connection is fully enabled to STAAH


Once is connected with mapping -


•             Dynamic mapping not available

•             Add mapping etc using the new mapping feature

•             Self Mapping not available. If you click on ‘View Setting’ you will be auto diverted to channel mapping module


**NEW** mapping

·        New room and rate plan creation will replace dynamic mapping

·        Why? This is the 1st part of releasing full content API

·        Same concept but allows you to create room type and rate plan in

·        First phase – Instant only

EXCEPTION: First time connection to via Instant channel manager. For initial connection, all remains the same using dynamic mapping to map.

Reason: We cannot push sync until connection process is fully enabled


Mapping page

1.      You use ‘Setup’ button to create/ map

2.      Follow prompts


Standard mapping – Room and rate plan already created in

Click on ‘Setup’ button

If the cancellation policy setup in rate plan is not one that is accepted by, you will need to select an appropriate cancellation policy. Click on drop down box and select. offers 4 options


Next pop-up > Click on drop down arrow > Select room and rate combination > Click on MAP

Once information pulled and mapped correctly, you will see the below response

At the same time, it will automatically push out a full sync to


Standard mapping – mapping another rom type with a rate plan that is already mapped in Instant/


Deluxe King Studio is already mapped and rate plan is BAR


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