STAAH Instant - Commission Module

STAAH Instant - Commission Module

STAAH Instant can now support Visibility Booster offered by! The commission feature added in STAAH Instant allows you to easily manage this tool via STAAH channel manager.

What’s the Visibility Booster? Visibility Booster offers you a way to boost your visibility on – wherever and whenever you want to.

You can make your property stand out to bookers on on certain high-demand dates, or during periods when you’re experiencing low sales or high cancellations.

By using this tool and adjusting the commission you pay, you can see what the increase in views are and the bookings you can expect. estimate this based on their ongoing research into customer behaviour, booking trends and demand.

Who can use Visibility Booster tool via STAAH Instant?

Property listed on and managing via STAAH Instant.

Where is the commission feature found in STAAH Instant?

Instant > Commission

How to apply?

  1. By default, property’s contracted commission value is displayed
  2. Determine dates you want to boost
  3. Apply commission value in field below date(s)
  4. Value cannot be lower that your contracted commission value
  5. Click on Update
  6. Use the same process to revert to standard commission value
If commission value entered is lower than your contracted value, an error message is returned.

Availability Tool

  1. Within the module you can easily check your inventory for the day to help you decide commission value to set
  2. To view total availability for the day, check box for ‘View Availability’ (Screenshot – highlighted in green)
  3. When ‘View Availability’ is enabled, a row will appear below dates displaying total rooms available for the day

Logs to check changes made


Where can I see Visibility Booster in the extranet?

Opportunities > Visibility Booster

How do I see commission value set?

Click on date in calendar to view commission value set.

Where do you want to attract guests from?

In the extranet, you have the option to select specific country/ region to boost your visibility. Currently the connection via channel manager does not support this.

By default, Global is applied in extranet. If you wish to set for a specific country, you need to do this via extranet.

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