STAAH ConvertDirect Credit Card Options

STAAH ConvertDirect Credit Card Options

New – JCB credit card is now an option

A Property subscribing to STAAH ConvertDirect Booking Engine can choose to collect credit card details at time of booking OR have a payment gateway integrated to process payment at time of booking.

If there is no payment gateway integrated, by default, STAAH ConvertDirect collects either Visa or MasterCard credit card details. If the Property also accepts payment via American Express and/ or JCB, this can be enabled for the Property.

Credit card options:

Visa – By default
  1. Mastercard – By default
  2. American Express – Enabled on request at property level
  3. JCB – Enabled on request at property level
A Property may also wish to make the booking process easier for customers by not collecting credit card details or have a payment gateway integrated. This is also possible. Credit card collection can be disabled.

How to enable American Express and/or JCB credit card for STAAH ConvertDirect?

Please contact your designated STAAH support team member.

How do you disable credit card collection?

Please contact your designated STAAH support team member.

On the ConvertDirect booking details page > Payment details section

By default, booking engine collects Visa or Mastercard credit card details. The screenshot below displays the payment details page when the American Express and JCB credit card options are enabled.

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