How to change Room Priority Display (Drag & Drop Feature)

STAAH MAX - How to change Room Priority Display (Drag & Drop Feature)

This feature is available for STAAH MAX Booking Engine. It allows you to change the priority of the room type display as per the setup in booking engine.

How do I setup?

  1. Login to MAX extranet > Setup > Room Types.
  2. Select “Room Priority” to change the display order of your Room types.
  3. To change priority, select the Room that you want, and drag to the required position 

Linked Rooms: This can also be changed by selecting the “+” button. Once this has been selected, all linked rooms will be displayed, and priority can be updated accordingly.


Please note: Linked rooms will always remain under the Main/Parent Room Type.

Where will this priority display?

1. Room Type setup
2. All Availability and Rates modules/tabs.
3. Channel mapping
4. STAAH MAX Booking Engine – ensure you have enabled Room Type order. 
        Setup>Profile>Website Display>Room Type Order on BE.