Revenue Control - Enhancement

Revenue Control - Enhancement

What is new?

1. Child room calculation, derive from rate loaded for Master room. This will apply to all child rooms where mode is dynamic.
2. Child Sync rates feature no longer required
3. Bulk update feature no longer available. Properties can use the standard Bulk Update module to update rates to update the Master, child rooms are calculated from Master room.
4. Rate mode removed from Room type module

Base Rates (Dynamic Pricing module)

Current: Base rate set in Dynamic Pricing module applies to Master Room and Child room. The final rate is then calculated from rate set in Dynamic Pricing module + Formula module, for each room.

  1. Dynamic pricing rate = 200
  2. Master room rate = 180 (manual rate)
  3. Formula module calculation = +10%
  4. Final rate for Child room = 220 (dynamic pricing rate + formula module calculation)

New: Base rate set in Dynamic pricing module will apply to the Master Room. Child room rates are calculated from the Master room day wise rate and the calculation set in Formula module.

  1. Dynamic pricing rate = 200 (Master room)
  2. Master room rate = 180 (manual rate)
  3. Formula module calculation = +10%
  4. Final rate for Child room = 198 (Master room rate + formula module calculation)

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