RateSTalk New Look

RateSTalk New Look

Stay ahead of your competitors

RateSTalk is an easy-to-use competitor rate checker, available as an add-on for properties using Instant Channel Manager. Property pick their five top competitors and RateSTalk will provide competitive pricing information.

It is now time for a fresh design and some new features. We have revamped RateSTalk and ready to release this new look.

We are going to introduce the new design and plan to have both the current and new RateSTalk available in Instant extranet. This will allow property to switch from new to current to compare, experience the changes. Basically, a period of time for property to adjust to new design. Our intention is to retire the current RateSTalk by end of March 2019.

How can a property switch from new to current RateSTalk?

  1. By default, property will be diverted to new RateSTalk
  2. They can switch from new to old and vice versa by clicking on version

What is new?

  1. Layout and design
  2. Menu with dashboard
  3. Calendar Grid with 14 day display
  4. Rate Audit View > Indicating lowest rate offered on various channel(s) for each day
  5. Month View
  6. Report module
  7. Option to configure minimum length of stay

New Design

Rate Grid Module

Compset Based on Lowest Rate
  1. 14 day display with lowest rate available for the day
  2. Hover over rate to see when rate was last fetched

Click on any rate figure to display details of where and what rate is displayed in various channels

Rate Audit View (Below Compset Based on Lowest Rate)

Shows the lowest rate offered on various channel(s) for each day.

Download option

You can download information on to excel spreadsheet.


Simple interactive graph

Month View

  1. One month data by channel view
  2. Hover over ‘I’ for full details
  3. Data is available if rates have been previously pulled in. Otherwise, go to Rate Grid, move forward to the next 14 days and refresh rates


  1. Generate report based on search criteria entered
  2. Report is for maximum 90 days
  3. Once report is ready, status will show as ‘ready for download’
  4. Click on ‘ready for download’ to get report
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