Promo Code Surcharge – How Does It Work?

Promo Code Surcharge – How Does It Work?

Promo Code Setup, now has the ability to show a Surcharge as well as a Discount. STAAH has always had the ability to apply discount to a Promo Code. Now there is also option to apply surcharge if required.
  1. On the STAAH Extranet, go to ConvertDirect > Promo Code
  2. In Promo Code setup:
  3. Select discount or surcharge
  4. Enter applicable value of surcharge or discount
  1. For 10% discount: Select discount > % > Enter 10
  2. For 10% surcharge: Select surcharge > % > Enter 10
  3. For $10 discount: Select discount > $ > Enter 10
  4. For $10 surcharge: Select surcharge > $ > Enter 10

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