How to enable Pay Now / Pay Later in Booking Engine?

STAAH MAX - How to enable Pay Now / Pay Later in Booking Engine?

Wanting to give your bookers the option to select when they pay for their booking (Prepay or Pay on arrival)? STAAH MAX Pay Now/Pay Later functionality allows you to let your booker decide what payment options suits them.

This feature Is available for all STAAH MAX Booking Engine and Payment Gateway subscribers.

How do I enable this option?

  1. Login to MAX extranet > Setup > Profile > Payment Gateway.
  2. Enter payment gateway credentials.
  3. Enable Pay Later option (This flag will give the booker the option to select Pay Now or Pay Later options, for all non-Pre-pay packages}.
  4. Select applicable Card Types>Update.
If you need further assistance, please contact your local partner services team.

What will the booker see on the Booking Engine?

Once the booker selects the Room / package information and guest details, they will be directed to Payment page.
Booker will see two payment options:

Option 1 – Pay Now
  1. Booker agrees to Ts/Cs, and selects “Proceed to Payment”.
  2. Payment charged at the time of booking.
  3. Payment amount is based on deposit amount set in package setup.

Option 2 – Pay Later
  1. Credit Card information are obtained to secure booking.
  2. Credit card information will be available in MAX extranet via Bookings module.
  3. Booker agrees to Ts/Cs, and selects “Confirm Booking”.

Additional Information

How will I know if the booker has made payment?
This will displayed as deposit amount in Booking Module and on booking notification sent to both booker and property.

All “Pay Later/On Arrival bookings will have a clock icon.