STAAH Instant - Non Bookable

STAAH Instant - Non Bookable

To assist property in filling in gaps due to minimum night restriction, we have introduced ‘Non Bookable’ feature.

This feature is easy to use and provides a bird’s-eye view of where the gaps are. It allows a property to update minimum night restrictions based on availability. This feature can only be managed via Instant extranet.

What is the new feature?

Non Bookable

What does ‘Non Bookable’ feature do?

Provides a quick bird’s-eye view of gaps due to minimum night restriction
Option to update minimum night restriction
Updates are pushed out to OTAs (If minimum night restriction is supported)

Where is the ‘Non Bookable’ feature found?

 Instant > Non Bookable

How does it work?            

Go to ‘Non Bookable’ module
Select channel  (Only channel(s) with room/ rate plan mapped with minimum night greater than 1 will display)
You will see room/ rate plans (Minimum night greater than 1) mapped for that specific channel
Click on’ Check Non Bookable’ for the room/ rate plan to update

Navigating around the ‘Non Bookable’ page

Channel selected
All other channels that room/ rate plan is mapped too.  Option to unselect
Room/ rate plan selected (Button font in black)
Auto selected by default. Un-select if not updating
Inventory for room/ rate plan is indicated on the top right
Date with restriction causing gap
Original minimum night requirement with suggested change to fill in gap

How to manage?


Minimum Night Restriction = 3
21 May has no availability which makes the deal not bookable
In the feature, you see the original restriction value and suggested change
19 May > possible for a 2 night or 1 night booking 
20 May > only possible for 1 night booking
The feature allows you to change the suggested value to a lower value only

Update minimum night restriction
Click on Update

Other information:

System will only identify gaps for period of up to a year

The feature is available to properties managing restrictions via PMS. The property however has to manage manually via Instant extranet.

If/ when an update is pushed from PMS for the date(s) where restriction was manually changed using this feature, it will be overridden by PMS updates.

Logs are available to track changes made via ‘Non Bookable’ feature. The mode to identify updates made via Non Bookable module is UN

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