STAAH MAX - **NEW Feature** - Guest Pay

STAAH MAX - **NEW Feature** - Guest Pay

STAAH MAX is happy to introduce ‘Guest Pay’ feature. Guest pay is an easy to use feature where payment is automated, saving you the hassle of manually processing payment.

This feature enables properties to generate a link to booker requesting payment for an existing booking. Feature is available for properties subscribing to STAAH MAX with Payment gateway integration.

Where is this feature?

1.       Login to extranet > Stayview module
2.     Click any booking to view booking details
3.      To generate payment link, click ‘Charge Amount’


How does Guest Pay work?

You can select the amount to charge the booker. An email is sent to the booker, with payment amount. Payment is automated and processed via Payment Gateway integration.

1. Select ‘Charge amount’.
2. Once selected you will see a pop up with payment information:
Amount to be collected: Enter the amount you want to charge the booker.
Payment Expiry link: Enter expiry time. 
Payment message to guest: Option to add a message regarding payment. This is displayed on the payment request email sent to the booker.
3. Once done, simply click ‘Create Payment link’. This will send an email to the booker, to request payment.


  1. Once link is successfully generated pending payment expiry time indicated in booking


  1. To send payment link to booker, simply click ‘Copy Payment link’, paste link in an email and send to booker.
  2. To view pending payment information select ‘Charge amount’button. 

  1. Select ‘Cancel Payment’ to generate link with new payment information. Note: This will cancel existing payment link.
  2. Payment received indicated in booking (Stay view only). 

Additional information:

  1. Guest pay feature allows you to collect partial/full amount of the booking value.
  2. Option to generate multiple payment links. Payment required before another link can be generated.
  3. Payment not received in allocated time, link is cancelled. Property can generate new payment link (if required).
  4. Payment is based on currency booked. 
  5. Properties that offer multi-currency, booker can choose the payment gateway option. Payment gateways shown are based on setup for selected currency. 

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