New Feature – Booking Engine Alert

New Feature – Booking Engine Alert

This feature allows a property to publish an alert/ notification to display on the ConvertDirect booking engine


Booking Engine Alert


Where is feature found?

STAAH Instant > ConvertDirect > Booking Engine Alert


How does it work?
  1. Booking Engine Alert module > click on + Add Alert

  1. Add details and Save

On Booking Engine

1. Feature only applies to ConvertDirect BAR booking engine
2. Alert will only display on booking engine
3. The alert will display on all dates set as from and to (inclusive) 

If there is also a daily deal applicable on the same date, the alert will display first. On closing the alert, the daily deal will display

Multiple alerts for same date

When there are multiple alerts for the same date, the system will automatically combine the alerts and display in a single popup
  1. Create individual alerts as per normal
  2. System will auto combine into one alert
  3. Multiple alerts will display in single popup separated by a line
  4. When there is more than one alert, the system will automatically ignore title and by default display as NOTICE

Example of alert with 2 messages

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