Navigating the STAAH App

Navigating the STAAH App

Finding your way around the STAAH APP or want to know what you can do using the STAAH APP? This article helps you navigate the tabs on the App.


This tab allows you to view and manage availability.

Click on the Availability Module. This tab will show you a list of Rooms and Rate plans linked to each room. You can view a list of rooms and rate plans. To check availability for a specific room, select Availability tab for that room type.

To manage/update, visit here to view a tutorial on managing availability on the App.


This tab allows you to view and manage rates loaded.

Select the Rates Module, which will display all your Rate Plans loaded in STAAH and the applicable Rooms. Click the Rates tab to View/Manage rates loaded for that Room Type/rate plan.


This tab allows you to view bookings made.

To view bookings, click on the Booking Tab. This tab shows you guests’ booking details, e.g. their Booking Number. Visit here to view a tutorial on managing bookings on the App.
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