STAAH MAX - Maximum Stay Restriction

STAAH MAX - Maximum Stay Restriction

This feature allows you to set restrictions by specifying a maximum number of nights that may be booked for a specific rate/ deal.

When do I use this feature?

  1. You may have a special offer and want to limit to short stay bookings
  2. Assist to control room allocation or fill ‘gaps’
  3. You have a maximum long stay policy

How to set up?

Property can load via Base Rates, Mapping and Packages modules.

Base Rates:

1. Login to MAX extranet > Availability 
2. Control options > Maximum stay 

3. A row of boxes will appear below rates
4. Value in field is the value set for maximum stay. This field is editable. 
5. Simply enter value > click Update.


1. Click Mapping
2. Select Channel from drop down box.
3. Click on ‘Edit’ for applicable rate plan > apply restriction value > Save

If maximum stay restriction is not set, 28 will apply by default.

4. Property can manually override restriction for specific date range/channel.
a. Channel rates module
b. Select channel from the drop-down box.
c. Select Control options > Maximum stay.
d. A row of boxes will appear below rates, with the current MXLOS
e. Simply enter new value > click Update.


1. Click Packages > Validity for applicable package.
2. Enter restriction value > Save.

 To apply different maximum stay for set date range, add additional validity period and apply restriction.


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