STAAH MAX Vacation Rentals - Housekeeping

STAAH MAX Vacation Rentals - Housekeeping

Housekeeping module enables properties to view and manage the cleaning status for all rooms for arriving guests. 

Feature is available to properties subscribed to MAX VR.

Where is the Housekeeping module?


  1. Login to MAX extranet
  2. Setup > Housekeeping

What I can do in the Housekeeing module?

1. View all rooms booked and scheduled to check out (current date only)
2. View guest name and guest status
3. View cleaning status for all bookings
4. Search option – search bookings by guest name, room, or cleaning status

Guest column: view guest name and status of guest

  1. Guest name – requires access key to display, by default guest name is not visible.
  2. In-House status – the guest is still inhouse/not checked out.
  3. Checked-Out status – means the guest has checked out and is available to start cleaning
  1. Check out guest via ‘Stay view’ module, this will update the housekeeping guest status to ‘Checked-out’

Cleaning Status: change the cleaning status for all rooms booked.

  1. Occupied – guest has not checked-out, not ready to clean (guest must be checked-out to change status)
  2. On Change – guest has checked-out, and available to clean
  3. On queue – is now in queue to clean.
  4. Cleaning in progress – cleaner is in the room/cleaning
  5. Ready – room is now clean/ready for next guest
  6. Out of order – room cannot be used
  7. Room Key info – cleaners can view details to obtain room key. Set/update room key info via Room type module.

Room Status: view room status, and rooms that have a guest arriving.
  1. New arrival – new arrival booked to stay, and arriving today
  2. Vacant – no bookings/guests booked to arriving today

Additional information:

Can create users that have access to Housekeeping module – ‘Cleaner’. Cleaners will have access to housekeeping module only

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