STAAH MAX - Oppourtunities

STAAH MAX - Oppourtunities

We are pleased to introduce a new feature in MAX, OPPORTUNITIES.

This module provides a platform for OTA partners to highlight business opportunities that can help a property improve their performance or guests experience. Data is retrieved from OTA only if they support an API for this purpose.

Our first connection is with

What does the connection do?
  • Allows STAAH to retrieve a list of available opportunities for a specific property
  • Allows you to action on an opportunity, enable, disable or dismiss the opportunity via channel manager

Some information about Opportunity Centre

MAX extranet > > Reports > Opportunities 

Select Channel ID via drop down box. 

Opportunities eligible for selected Channel ID are displayed

How does it work? tailors opportunities specifically for a property. The API allows STAAH to retrieve data and option for property to action them quickly in a few simple clicks/ steps via channel manager extranet.


‘Take Me There’ Button 

  • If it is something you can action/ setup via channel manager, on clicking button you will be diverted to module. Example creating a business rate via OTA Promotions module. 
  • If it is something that you need to action via extranet, you will be diverted to login page

‘Maybe Later’ Button

  • You are not interested in the opportunity 
  • Click on button to remove from list


  • Select enable to participate

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