How to Manage IRCTC Promotions?

How to Manage IRCTC Promotions?

IRCTC has added a new feature – Promotions, feature allows a property to push Booking engine Smart pricing promotion to IRCTC.



Where is this found?

• Login to Instant Extranet > Instant > OTA Promotions


Create a NEW promotion.

  1. Click ‘Add Promotion’ button. 

  1. Add promotion name > select ‘Channel’ > promotion type.

Select Smart pricing promotions that will apply to IRCTC channel

Note: IRCTC supports Basic/Multi-nights, Last Minute and Advanced purchase promotions


Whats next? Now to link the Smart pricing promotion to IRCTC rate plans.


·         Setup > Channels

·         Select Channel mapping > Select IRCTC from the drop-down box

·         Click Edit mapping to divert to mapping pop-up

·         Select Smart pricing discount to apply to rate plan.


OTA Promotion details page

·         All promotions are listed on OTA Promotion Page

·         Search option to view promotions (based on promotion name).

·         Option to ‘Edit’ live promotion

·         Option to ‘Delete’ promotion

·         View summary of promotion using the VIEW option.

Bookings:  IRCTC will provide discount value in Booking XML. View discount amount in bookings module

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