OTA Promotions on Instant

OTA Promotions on Instant

OTA promotion feature allows a property to setup promotions for supported channel(s) via Instant extranet. 

Channels Supported
  1. Booking.com
  2. Go-MMT
Types of promotion supported via integration:





Business Booker


Corporate Deals


Only available via OTA extranet

Early Booker

Free Night Deals


Only available via OTA extranet

Geo Rates


Last Minute

Mobile Rates


Where is the feature found?

Login to Instant Extranet > Instant Module > OTA Promotion

 How to add a NEW promotion?

OTA Promotion Module display page > click on Add Promotion button

Add promotion name > select channel > select promotion type > click on Next button

  1. Channel will only be an option to select if connection is enabled in channel manager
  2. You cannot combine setup for multiple channels
  3. You need to setup each channel separately

Promotion setup page:

Booking.com > You can select rate plan(s) applicable for promotion

Go-MMT > By default promotion will be created for all available room/ rate plans

Follow prompts to complete promotion setup

Information specific to Booking.com promotion feature

Secret Deal: A minimum of 10% discount is required. Validation in place

Setting Stay Dates: For promotion that is not applicable for all days, click on ‘Custom’ and apply applicable day(s) by clicking on radio button

Last Minute Deal: Hours supported > Up to 24 hours only

Geo/Country Rates
  1. You need to create a GEO discount for every individual country. You cannot create one GEO discount for multiple countries.
  2. Only eligible countries for the specific property will display in drop down list.
  3. Must be at least 5% discount.
  4. Blackout dates: Set dates when discount is not applicable.
Business Booker promotion requirements
  1. Rate is only visible to verified business travellers who have logged into their booking.com account to book
  2. Business Booker discount applies to all room and rate plans offered on booking.com
Mobile Rate
  1. Platform: We recommend to offer discount to both App and Mobile Web users. Not all bookers have downloaded app. This is to ensure you reach a wider audience
  1. Discount: Minimum 10% discount
  2. Mobile Rate discount applies to all your room and rate plans offered on booking.com. This discount stacks on top of Genius discounts as well as any other promotions you have set up. However, it doesn’t get added to Geo (Country) Rates or Deal of the Day

Where are the below promotions found in channel extranet?
  1. Business Booker (Business Rate)
  2. Geo Rate (Country Rates)
  3. Mobile Rates (Mobile Rates)

Information specific to Go-MMT promotion feature

Free Night Deals: Not available via integration. You need to manage via channel extranet

Corporate Deals: Not available via integration. You need to manage via channel extranet

Promotion setup will apply to all live rate plans available in Go-MMT.

Who will see promotion?
  1. Only available for ‘All’ and ‘Logged In Members’ via integration
  2. Mobile option is not available via integration

Setting Stay Dates: For promotion that is not applicable for all days, click on ‘Custom’ and apply applicable day(s) by clicking on radio button

Other features not available via integration:

  1. Maximum length of stay restriction
  2. Same Day-Next Day Checkin restriction
  3. Option to select brand / platform to offer promotion – Go-MMT/ MakeMyTrip

Promotion created

When promotion is successfully created and submitted to channel, success message is returned with promotion ID. Example below

OTA will confirm by returning a promotion ID. This can be found on OTA Promotion details page via VIEW option.

For booking.com, click on RUID to see full RUID ID

OTA Promotion details page

  1. Get Promotion Feature: Allows you to pull in an existing promotion already setup in channel extranet
  2. Clone Feature: Allows you to clone a promotion from one channel to another. Where possible information is pre-populated in the new setup
  3. All promotions created are listed on details page
  4. Status: Filter option available to search promotions
  5. View summary of promotion using the VIEW option
  6. Option to ‘Edit’ live promotion
  7. Option to ‘Delete’ promotion
  8. Booking.com has a report function. Report button is found in the promotion information page (Via View)

Click on ‘Report’ button to pull stats from booking.com. Information pulled as below:

Logs – all changes are tracked. Click on ‘Logs’

Click on ‘Changes’ to view change details 

Group Feature

  1. Available via Instant group login
  2. OTA promotion feature is found on group dashboard
  3. Same concept as feature in individual login
  4. Option to select multiple properties

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