STAAH MAX - Import Data

STAAH MAX - Import Data

We have designed a functionality that allows a property to fetch data directly into MAX extranet. This gives the property the ability to add information into an excel sheet and load in MAX – opposed to manually updating in MAX extranet.

Who can use this feature?

This is available for all MAX properties that do not have a PMS connection. To enable this functionality, please contact your designated Partner Services team.

Import feature is available for the following options:
  1. Importing Rates (not applicable for properties that have Dynamic Rates/Revenue Management enabled or manage rates via PMS).
  2. Importing Inventory (not applicable for properties with PMS connection)
  3. Import Room Type Setup

What’s next?

Login to MAX extranet>Setup>Select applicable Import option.

There are conditions that are required when using this option, which will be displayed once feature selected.

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