How to set up a voucher package

How to set up a voucher package

Terms and Condition’s 

Terms and condition’s need to be set up first before a Voucher package can be created.

To Set up Terms and Conditions

1.      Click, settings
2.      Terms & Conditions

3. Add Terms.

4. You now be able to set your own terms and conditions.  Once saved we can now apply it to a voucher.

Setting up Voucher package

This is the key step we use to set up the Voucher package.
1. Click, Vouchers
2. Click, Add a new Package
3. You will then be able to create your different types of vouchers. Please see screenshot. 

4. The below screenshot shows us the whole page where we have to enter fields to create the package.  
Note the Terms and Conditions that were completed prior to the package set up have to be chosen in order to continue creating the Voucher Package.  

Please note following Terms

Package Name: title of the package
Package value: worth of the package
Package Highlight: description of the package 
Detail Package Information: additional information about the package
Stay Validity: Date the voucher can be used
Package Permitted Sale Dates: Dates the package can be sold
Voucher Limit: Restriction on the number of vouchers
Pax: number people the voucher includes for
Hide Visibility Online: For cash vouchers property can hide the number of pax
Max No per Transaction: Number of times this voucher can be redeemed per Transaction
Category: Every voucher can be included in categories such as Gourmet Packages, Luxury Stay packages and others
Live on Voucher Engine: Click here to make packages live on voucher engine.

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