How to edit a Voucher Package

How to edit a Voucher Package

1. Click on Vouchers 
2. Click on Sell a Package
3. Select package option

4. From the voucher dashboard click on Edit to add / change any information

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      Terms and Condition’s  Terms and condition’s need to be set up first before a Voucher package can be created. To Set up Terms and Conditions 1.      Click, settings 2.      Terms & Conditions 3. Add Terms. 4. You now be able to set your own terms and ...
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      Once a Voucher package has been made, we can then proceed to sell the Voucher. 1. Click Voucher option 2. Click Sell A Voucher 3. Select Package option  The voucher system allows us pay in two different way, one being a ‘Paid Voucher’ and Second ...
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      The background design of the voucher can be set by doing the following: 1. Click settings on the tool bar  2. Click Voucher Design 3. To upload a voucher template, click on the upload option 4. Select the image you have created, note the aspect ratio ...
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      There are four types of users that can be set on the voucher system. Group Admin- Administrator of the group, someone who sets the properties up on the given group. Hotel Admin- Same Permissions as a Group Admin but only in charge of the ...
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      The hotel must redeem the vouchers when the customer arrives at the front desk. Redemption can be done through mobile app / desktop. Redemption through mobile app 1. Download STAAH Gift Voucher App from App Store / Playstore 2. Login by using your ...