How Do I Set up Promotions in STAAH Channel Manager?

How Do I Set up Promotions in STAAH Channel Manager?

In STAAH Instant, Promotions may be setup as Rate Plans so that a property has the ability to manage rates, availability and restrictions being pushed out. Please click here to learn how to set up a rate plan.

If this promotional deal is to run on any OTA, one must create the deal on the channel and have it mapped (connected) to the rate plan on STAAH.

Looking for how to add a special or deal?
The Rate Plan setup in STAAH, enables you to setup Last Minute Deals and Advance Purchase deals automatically. On the STAAH Convert Direct Booking Engine, you are also able to set a Free Night per stay.

For short term promotions that do not need full management from the channel manager, the property is able to set these up on the channel directly. In this case, the promotions will derive from the main deal and are managed through the channel extranet only. In many cases, promotions set up like this, through the Promotions tab on the channel extranet, will be reflected on the channel user interface in a visually interesting manner.
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