How do I mark a booking as a No Show?

STAAH MAX - How do I mark a booking as a No Show?

Properties have the ability to mark a booking as a ”No Show” directly in STAAH. This can be done for all reservations, after the check in date.  Learn how to do this here.

  1. Option to cancel booking if credit card is invalid (Conditions applies)
  2. Mark No-Show and confirm fees waived
  3. Mark No-Show and confirm charged
  4. Mark No-Show and credit card invalid
Mark No Show Feature

MAX > Login to property listing > Bookings Module

  1. Post check in, mark no-show option available
  2. Mark no-show option available up to 48 hours post check in
  3. Click on Mark No-Show
  4. Pop up box will appear
  5. Select applicable option > Submit

  1. The status in extranet will show as No-show
  2. If reported as Charge No-show, you will see a commission value in booking via extranet
Example: extranet

You will need to go to other OTAs for no show. has allowed STAAH to manage this feature, but all other Channels need to be changed through their Channel Extranet.