STAAH Instant - Group Export Booking Function

STAAH Instant - Group Export Booking Function

We have added a function in group login/ account which allows property to extract booking report for all properties linked to the group account. A report can be extracted for a maximum of 10 properties.

You no longer need to login to each property to extract booking report. This update is applicable for STAAH Instant subscribers with group login/ account (More than 1 property listing linked to the same login)


STAAH Instant extranet via group login > Export Bookings tab

What booking reports?

  1. By Booking Date
  2. By Arrival Date
  3. By Departure date

What Next?

  1. Select properties
  2. You can extract report for up to maximum 10 properties at one time
  3. Properties are listed in alphabetical order
  1. Select reports

  1. Search by: Click on drop down box and select report option
  2. From and To Date: Report is only applicable for up to 31 days. When you enter ’From’ date, the system will automatically apply the last ‘To’ date
  3. Channel: Click on drop down box to select specific channel
  4. Report by Departure Date: You can only enter one departure date
  5. Click on ‘Export’

  1. When you click on ‘Export’ button, the above pop up box will appear
  2. Select the appropriate method to open or save file as per your requirements
  3. Usually you open with Microsoft Excel
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