GDPR Booking Engine Update

GDPR Booking Engine Update

We have previously notified that we have added a provision in the extranet to add a Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy to display on your Booking Engine. These features are already live on the Booking Engine.

The fields are found in the extranet for you to update/ add. We recommend for you to login and act as soon as possible.

Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy

Fields are found in extranet, ConvertDirect Module > Terms & Conditions > Privacy Statement/ Privacy Policy.

Privacy Statement

We have preloaded an example in the extranet. If you are happy with the example loaded, you MUST click on SAVE to accept and for policy to display on booking engine. We however urge you to review/ update policy to suit your requirements.

Where will the Privacy Statement be displayed on the Booking Engine?

On the booking details page, as soon as a customer starts to enter guest details, a pop-up with the privacy statement will display and also as a link in Booking Engine footer.


Privacy Statement – Do you want to opt -out?

We understand that you may want to choose information to show your customers at the time of booking. We have added a flag that will allow you to opt-out and hide the Privacy Statement pop-up.

To hide privacy statement pop-up on booking engine, select ON to change this from OFF to ON.

Privacy Policy

We have preloaded an example in extranet. If you are happy with the example loaded, you MUST click on SAVE to accept and for policy to display on booking engine. We however urge you to review/ update policy to suit your requirements.

If you have confirmed and accepted policy in the extranet, the policy is displayed as a link in Booking Engine footer. A customer can click on link anytime to view policy.

Example with policy links in Booking Engine footer:


  1. We recommend for you to add a Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy on your Booking Engine. You can do this via extranet.
  2. If you do not update or click on SAVE to submit via extranet, the policies will not display on the Booking Engine.
  3. We have added policy links to the Booking Engine footer so a customer can review Terms & Conditions, Payment Terms, Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy. If you do not have any information added in extranet for any of these fields, the links will not show in the footer.

Billing Address in Booking Details Page

We are making it simpler for a customer to make a booking via STAAH ConvertDirect. Address details will no longer be compulsory unless you have a payment gateway enabled for the Booking Engine.

Customer can click on ‘+’ to expand and add address if they would like to share the information.

If you wish to collect billing information regardless, you do have the option to make the fields compulsory. Just enable the flag in extranet.

To do this, go to Extranet > ConvertDirect > Compulsory Billing Information.

Accept & Acknowledge Terms & Conditions and Policies

At the time of booking, customers are required to accept and acknowledge that they understand all the policies stipulated by the Property. Policies will dynamically display only if information is updated/ accepted via extranet.

We now also include option for customer to opt-in to receiving information about promotions and deals.

If you do not wish to collect this information, you can hide this from the Booking Engine. The flag is located in the extranet.

To hide this, go to ConvertDirect > Display Settings > Hide Promotions & Deals.

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